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In order to respect natural harvesting cycles, our energy bars Puissance Nature are prepared only with seasonal fruits (apples, kiwis, apricots, peaches, strawberries...).

We have selected local producers using environmentally friendly farming methods. This privileged relationship allows us to work with fruits picked at optimum maturity


We made the choice to use only honey for additional sweetness. This choice was dictated by the many nutritional properties that honey has in comparison with refined sugar: antiseptic and antibiotic properties, important antibacterial power, improved tissue oxygenation…

Honey also has the advantage of being composed of both glucose and fructose. Fructose passes more slowly into the blood because it takes longer to be digested and so it allows us to rebuild reserves, whether an athlete is at rest or not. The increase in blood sugar stimulates insulin production which will then feed the muscles supplying energy.

Work by Dr Asker Jeukendrup, a professor at the University of Birmingham, has shown that endurance performance can improve by 8% after consuming a mixture of fructose and glucose compared to glucose intake alone, in equal quantities.

Almonds and pecans

Almonds are the third main ingredient in our bars. Whether ground or chopped, these nuts provide the energy needed during hard exercise thanks to the proteins they contain as well as important minerals like magnesium, essential for preventing and fighting muscle cramps.

...and no cooking

Lastly, we create our energy bars on the no cook principal in order to preserve all the vitamins found in both the fruits and the honey.



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